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Experienced in creating national and international TV commercials, in-store films and infographics, videos for web & social media, and high quality industrial films.

We are highly focussed on reaching your target audience. We will do everything we can to help you shape and deliver your message.

Flexibility is key to meeting production and budget challenges.  This is why we can effortlessly scale the size and complexity of the production to match the needs of your project.

You need 8K resolution with the camera on a crane? We’ve got you covered. You prefer to shoot on a 90s camcorder on a rollerskate? Sure thing!

The earlier you bring us in, the more input we can give to help solve technical and creative problems before they happen.


We excel in post.  Expectations of quality have ballooned in recent years and attention spans have crumbled. This means one thing; there is no tolerance for bad video or bad storytelling.  This holds true for a 20-second TV spot or a longer lifestyle, product or industrial film.

We edit. We colour grade. We composite. We finish. We mix. We master. We deliver the formats you need.



Our editing experience goes back to a time of cutting without computers! We find sharp and creative ways tell your story, in a way that speaks to your audience.


Colour grading is the special flavour we give to your film. Not only does it make it flow smoothly, it aids understanding, sets the mood, and helps to highlight the quality of both your product and company.  We pride ourselves on understanding colour.


Compositing is not the exclusive domain of large productions or Hollywood films. You may not need a digital cast of 1000 extras running across a field, but you may need digital clean-up to remove a stray logo or distracting element in the scene.  Say goodbye to boring skies. Say goodbye to gawkers ruining the shot. Enhance the weather elements to show how rugged your products are.

We bring all these visual elements together with branding, animated graphics and other visual effects. On time and on budget.


A proper soundmix brings out the best in your production. It can look gorgeous but still fall flat without the proper sound design. There’s nothing we like more than twiddling your EQ on the foley bus.

Mastering should be easy. And with us it is. We understand the technical requirements for different broadcast destinations, cinema advertising and how to get the best out of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. If you can’t tell the difference between R64 and R128 or REC.601 and 709, it doesn’t matter. We can. And that’s what is important.


The world is smaller than ever.  Your production may be viewed across the world in many different markets. We offer versioning services for different language voiceovers or subtitles.

We also do versioning for productions made for other markets, to fit Nordic aesthetics or broadcast regulations. This includes transcriptions, subtitling & voice overs.

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